10708_w.jpgVia GreenCine Daily: "If they can have a tattoo convention, why can’t we have a Big Lebowski convention?” Rebecca Epstein interviews Will Russell and Scott Shuffitt, founders of Lebowski Fest, a traveling tribute to the 1998 Coen Brothers film going on this weekend in LA. The festival gathers fans for two nights worth of bowling, trivia contests, Lebowski-related stand-up performances, and, of course, a midnight screening of the film. Plus, "at least eight cast members" were expected to show Saturday night for the festival's main event at Lakewood's Cal Bowl, from real-life Dude inspiration Jeff Dowd, to Robin Jones, who played the supermarket checkout girl to whom The Dude writes a check for $.69. Lebowski Fest started in 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky; this year it'll take place in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and at least 2,000 fans are expected at each incarnation. The official site is www.lebowskifest.com.
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