devon.jpgSin City, Robert Rodriguez's gonzo adaptation of Frank Miller's (already pretty gonzo) series of graphic novellas, opens this Friday. And yet, I saw a tv promo for the film just last night that ended with the line, "this film is not yet rated." I wondered: is Rodriguez - who already left the Directors Guild in order to ensure a co-director credit for Miller on the film - still battling over a rating with the MPAA?

The answer is no. "Come on," Rodriguez was quoted in this weekend's Chicago Sun-Times. "This movie is so over the top and stylized. It's black and white. It's abstract. If the violence was realistically rendered, I'd take the flak. But I don't think anyone will say anything about the violence because of the tone. That's why I didn't have problems with the MPAA." Rodriguez got his R rating pretty easily, and neither he nor Miramax pushed for anything more lenient. "It's an R movie. Kids shouldn't see it without their parents."
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