Via Movie City News comes thisNew York Times article about the past, present and future of online rental house Netflix, started in 1998 when Russ Reed Hastings had to pay a $40 late fee on a video-store rental of Apollo 13. But now Netflix stock is down 68 percent from its January 2004 high. With competitors like GreenCine, Blockbuster and, eventually, Amazon flooding the market, Netflix is suddenly not the only game in town anymore, and they're struggling to differentiate themselves. It's a legitimate problem: Blockbuster is cheaper, and GreenCine has a more comprehensive selection. I've had a Netflix account since late 2003, and it was great when I decided to watch every episode of Angel in chronological order, but I find that I'm still racking up late fees at every independent video store in New York City, renting (and subsequently forgetting to return) all the stuff that Netflix simply doesn't have.

How do you get your DVDs?
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