Just when we least expected it, Disney and Miramax have finally announced the terms of their long, messy divorce. As expected, Disney will keep the Miramax name and the library of 800 films bought or made during Bob and Harvey Weinstein's 20-something year tenure at the company they named after their parents. The Weinsteins, meanwhile, will walk away with the right to use the Dimension Films label for a future entity. The Brothers will stick around Disney until Spetember on a non-exlusive basis, allowing them the opportunity to search for funding for their new venture before they are forced to leave Miramax behind. The Weinsteins have agreed not to develop or purchase any new projects under the auspices of Miramax during a transition period between July and September, during which time they will report to Disney's Dick Cook. After the seperation, Disney and Miramax may collaborate on the production and/or distribution of franchise films.
More details as they unfold.
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