Lindsay_Lohan_Rolling_Stone_Aug_19.sized.jpgWhen, exactly, did Lindsay Lohan sign up to star in Herbie: Fully Loaded? If memory serves, the film was shot last summer, after Lohan had already triumphed in Tina Fey's Mean Girls, after she played a preternaturally stacked Hermione on Saturday Night Live, even some time after she hooked up with Paris Hilton and started making the rounds of the Hollywood club circuit, "Red Bull" in one hand, Fez in the other. From the trailer, one definitely gets the impression that this is something Miss Linds got herself into a loooong time ago, and when time came to shoot the thing, she couldn't get herself out. You can't blame her for wanting to try - if I was 18 and found myself forced to perform expository dialogue concerning my spiritual "connection" to a CGI enhanced Volkswagon, I'd dance a few tables with Paris Hilton, too. Fair warning - the trailer alone may drive you to drink.

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