IFP/LA is planning a name change to symbolically divorce itself from the larger Independent Feature Project organization. IFP/LA, by far the largest geographical segment of the IFP, currently throws Los Angeles' two biggest independent film-related events, the Independent Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival. IFP/LA already has a limited relationship with the other five IFP branches; it is thought that whilst there may be room for joint ventures, this move is designed to give executive director Dawn Hudson and associates freedom to branch out as their own entity.

People will call this hubris on the part of IFP/LA, but in some respects the decision may be good for other IFPs, as well. It can only bring them more exposure to be one of five than one of six, and will hopefully allow allowing their efforts and events to shine outside the shadow of LA and the Spirit Awards. IFP/NY has their own awards show, the Gothams, and this year, at least, the two awards shows seemed more like warring rivals than brothers and sisters fighting the good fight from opposite coasts. IFP/LA also co-publishes Filmmaker Magazine with the New York chapter, but according to editor Scott Macaulay, the publication is more than capable of surviving without their West Coast partners. "It's certainly sustainable on the revenue of one chapter," he told Variety.

But, of course, David Poland has a point when he writes that the seperation wil cause "New York's hands-on efforts [to] suffer." He's also correct in pointing out that there's no way the NY indie community would dare boycott the Spirits - The Gothams are nowhere near high-profile enough to provide a similar opportunity for exposure. At least, not yet.
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