Harvey Weinstein.jpgMore details are flowing in this morning in regards to Miramax and Disney, who just yesterday finalized their divorce. Bob and Harvey Weinstein are apparently well on their way to forming their new venture, tentatively and/or temporarily titled The Weinstein Co, and have already installed an advisory board, with members including Steve Rattner, Jim Dolan, Dirk Ziff and Paul Tudor Jones.

The new company will allow the Weinsteins much more freedom than they had as part of the Disney corporation. They plan to branch out into numerous new areas, including internet media and cable television. As Harvey put it yesterday, "I think we will be able to build a giant media company of our own."

As we told you last night, The Weinsteins will stay on the Disney payroll through the end of the summer. After that, they'll continue to work with Disney on the production of franchise films, and also the distribution of some recent acquisitions, including the Sundance pickup The Matador.