The London stage adaptation of Dogme #1, Festen, is coming to Broadway. The show will close its smash eight-month Lyric Theater run on April 16, and then open in September at a Schubert theater with an all-new cast, possibly to include Donnie Darko himself, Jake Gyllenhaal. Festen is an adaptation of Thomas Vinterberg's Danish-language Cannes winner (English title: The Celebration) about the implosion of a family reunion. The film was shot according to the Dogme 95 Vow of Chastity, precluding the use of props, sets, artificial lighting or proper color timing. In typical Dogme fashion, however, it relies on superficial shock and emotional manipulation in order to get through its narrative. It's stunning on first viewing; it does not have replay value. I'm actually a little baffled as to why it's been such a hit on the stage. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has seen the London stage version - does the story hold up outside of the confines of Dogme's shaky camera urgency?
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