biz_050331ifp2.jpgEugene Hernandez of indieWIRE has interviewed parties on both sides of the IFP/LA name-change scandal we told you about earlier this week. For her part, Dawn Hudson of IFP/LA insists that the re-branding would not constitute a divorce. "If we should do anything, it would not be to sever the relationships with any other IFP," Hudson told Hernandez. "It would be to establish our own identity in Los Angeles and advocate for independent filmmakers." But New York-based producers Ted Hope and Christine Vachon are far less optimistic. Hope says he has encouraged Hudson and IFP/NY chair Michelle Byrd to resolve their differences and "stay together." "I wish that the IFP in LA and the IFP in New York had a similar approach," Hope said. "Why are they being separated, why is it going to come to two organizations chasing the same corporate sponsorship dollars?" And Vachon wonders, "How does that help the people it's supposed to serve?"
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