3565.jpgA disclaimer on the Cinemorgue start page reads, "The entire site is one huge SPOILER". That's true in more ways than one. Cinemorgue is a creepily comprehensive directory of on-screen deaths, organized by performer - it apparently started as an exhaustive catalogue of actresses only; now there's an "actor's annex" as well - plus shot-by-shot photo galleries of certain extra-special cinematic expirations. Though it's not just for movies - Buffy'sJenny Calendar gets her own entry - it effectively backwards re-categorizes the history of film. There's also something about seeing the death record of an actress like Natasha Henstridge that puts their entire career in perspective in a way that an IMDB profile never could. The creepiest thing about Cinemorgue is that I know I could just spend *hours* sifting through it, ruminating on all seven ways Jennifer Jason Leigh has been asked to die. It's all just a little too "fascinating" for comfort. [via Wiley Wiggins]
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