FF_112_sincity1_f.jpgNot like Sin City needs more press, but there's a good article on the making of the film in the April issue of Wired. In it, Frank Miller explains why he allowed Robert Rodriguez to filmatize his graphic novels after turning other directors down. Apparently, Rodriguez called Miller on the phone and offered to fly the artist down to his home studio in Austin, where together they'd shoot, score and edit a scene in a single day. So Miller agreed, and when he got there, actors Marley Shelton and Josh Hartnett were ready to shoot a scene based on "The Customer is Always Right", one of the Sin City stories. According to Wired, this "floored" Miller. "A test?" says the co-director. "Come on! You don't put Josh Hartnett in a test. I just dove in." The "test" they shot that day ended up in the film.

The rest of the article has a lot of stuff we've already read, but there's some candy for techies, including Rodriguez's proclamation that the picture "wouldn't even be possible if I shot it on film." In case you've been living in a cave, Sin City comes out tomorrow.