EI8GHTWhat's more ridiculous than all these fake April Fools day stories floating out there? Doing a report on them! So here you go.
  • JoBlo reports that David Fincher is currently shooting a sequel to his first major hit SE7EN titled EI8HT with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman set to return.
  • Dark Horizons: Martin Scorsese is apparently in early talks about developing The First Temptation Of Christ, a prequel to his acclaimed Last Temptation of Christ.
  • Cinema Blend reports Toby Maguire has refused to appear in the third Spiderman film. Sam Raimi has already started work on Maguire’s replacement with an interesting choice - Topher Grace.
  • Latino Review has a bunch of goodies.  The first picture of Brandon Routh in full costume as Superman. Matthew Goode is the new James Bond. And the BIG STORY, George Lucas has delayed the release of Revenge of the Sith, due to re-shoots for prime actors due to possible rating conflicts (it may get an R rating). The film was scheduled for a May 19th release, now they are looking at July 29 release date.
  • Times Online: Sir Richard Branson, who is planning to start commercial space flights, and his son Sam, 19, have been given cameo roles as astronauts in Superman Returns. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, in a spectacular piece of product placement, tries to shoot down Branson’s Virgin Galactic craft. 
  • newsaskew.com: Kevin Smith’s website has been remodeled Google style.