Matt DamonIn a telephone interview with The Boston Globe, Matt Damon chastised Massachusetts state lawmakers for refusing to match the kind of tax incentives that other states have offered the movie industry.  Damon is of course a Massachusetts native who got famous with the Boston based movie Good Will Hunting which was mostly shot in Canada.

Damon is costarring in Martin Scorsese's upcoming The Departed, which, although set in Boston, is being filmed mostly in New York City in order to take advantage of the 15 percent tax credit.

Damon also took aim at the current battle between Robin Dawson (head of the Massachusetts Film Bureau) and Mark Drago (head of the state-backed Massachusetts Sports and Entertainment Commission). Dawson accused Drago of bullying movie producers and leaking details of a Tom Hanks film about John Adams (the second U.S. president, and a MA representative).


"I mean, it's a John Adams movie and we're losing it," Damon told the Globe.