01sin.1.184.jpg...being the new feature on Cinematical where we scan the "paper of record" for the fun stuff, so you don't have to get your hands all newsprinty.

  • Departures: Ted Koppel wasn't yesterday's only "resignation". Gossip maverick Liz Smith is leaving Newsday, over a proposed "95% pay cut."
  • This'll make Rocchi happy: David Pogue says Netflix is far ahead of the DVD-by-mail competition. Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that Blockbuster has settled 630 complaints over its "No Late Fees" campaign.
  • Manohla on Preston Sturges: "It is hard not to think that movies were made for one reason: to give Sturges a forum for snaky stories, sophisticated word-play, razor-sharp zingers, belly-aching guffaws and sexual entanglements he served up as casually as a short stack of flapjacks."
  • Reviews of Look at Me, Dot the I, Dust to Glory, and Girl Play.
  • Stephen Holden gives the breakdown on the Film Society of Lincoln Center's New Faces of Swedish Cinema program.
  • Ms. Dargis again, on Sin City: "It's a shame the movie is kind of a bore."