• The teaser poster for the new Superman Returns hit’s the net.  Kinda cheesy if you ask me, but some people say cheese and Superman are like PB and Jelly. And if you missed it BlueTights.net has posted Video Journal #5: Production designer Guy Dyas takes us on a guided tour of the Kent Farm.

  • Variety reports current talks with Paramount and Nickelodeon Movies over Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn's comic book "Fire Breather", published by Image Comics. The comic book follows Duncan Rosenblatt, a high schooler who's half-human and half-dragon. His biggest conflict is with his divorced parents, a sweet-natured soccer mom who just wants him to get into a good college and a 300-foot monster who prefers that he conquer Earth.  Sounds... interesting?
  • Melissa George stars as Kathy Lutz in the upcoming remake of The Amityville Horror. NowSCI FI Wire says that she's swearing off horror films after making a movie that was, at times, a horror to shoot.  No hot rain? Boo Hoo!
  • Four new Batman Begins TV teaser ads will start running this weekend during the NCAA games.  Two have leaked to the net here. Not much to see here, folks.

Website Updates:

Fantastic Four: A couple new images for each character were added to the site. Blah.
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Two more interactive features were added to the site, design a planet and Hitchhikers Trivia.