Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence BenderQuentin Tarantino has split with his producing partner Lawrence Bender after a 13-year working relationship. Bender has been with Tarantino since production of Reservoir Dogs in 1992. Kill Bill: Volume 2 was their last film together.

Gossip of their separation started at the Hollywood premiere of SinCity when Tarantino turned up without Bender.  A representative for the director confirmed the split but said they still remain friends.

Film Director Kevin Smith says that this happened long ago but the media just grabbed onto it now. Kevin was Executive Producer on Bender's "Good Will Hunting."

"Based on my limited experience with the producerial style of Bender on 'Good Will Hunting' with the rest of the story filled in by Ben, Matt, and Chris Moore, I'd say it was a wise decision." said Smith on his website's messageboard.

Tarantino is credited as "special guest director” on SinCity, which, as we've mentioned over and over and over again, was released today.

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