vince-vaughn01.jpgDavid O. Russell will direct Vince Vaughn in an as-yet-untitled comedy for Universal's Mandelay Pictures. The project began as a rewrite for the Three Kings man; it's now morphed into a concious attempt for him to move beyond the commerical and critical failure of I Heart Huckabees. "This ain't no Huckabees," Russell told Variety. "There is no question, this aims to be more accessible." Well, you could hardly aim to be *less* accessible than Huckabees - which, incidentally, was one of my favorite films of last year - but Russell has never really made a commercial picture. Vaughn, meanwhile, seems to be on some kind of "roll": his recent string of low-brow dude comedies have racked up a good deal of cash. We'll see how he fares on the legendarily tempestuous Russell's turf.
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