King Kong Teaser...back again to save the comic book geek's day.
  • Kong is back! We’re not talking about Peter Jackson’s epic King Kong remake; we’re talking about his epic Kong franchise! In the video diary yesterday over at Kong is King, Jackson and company reveal that Universal has agreed to sink massive sums of money into Son of Kong, which will follow the exploits of Kong’s offspring some ten years later.  WETA is hard at work on designs, animatics are already being created, with plans to scout locations in Europe soon.  Release Date: Summer 2006!  Too bad it was the biggest APRIL FOOL’s joke on the web.  Good Job Mr. Jackson!!

  • Joss Whedon, recently selected to helm the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film, said he intends the iconic female character to go back to her roots. The story is from a pitch by producer Joel Silver, and it'll be Whedon's job to structure it. Whedon has never been a big fan of the comic and says when it comes to the Wonder Women legend, he will be very picky when choosing what to use and what to ignore. "It has to do with who she is, and they have a certain integrity. I'm not going to do anything silly. (SyFyPortal, VH-1)
  • The Kent Farm scenes for Superman Returns filmed outside Tamworth went well. A lot of long hours and a number of night shoots. The cast and crew will enjoy a four-day long weekend before filming begins in Sydney next Tuesday. Most filming will take place at Fox Studios, and some inner-city streets will be closed off next week for production.

  • If you aren't yet sick and tired of hearing about Sin City, check out Kevin Smith's uncut hour long Interview withFrank Miller and Robert Rodriguez on
  • Kevin Munroe signed on to write and direct a new CGI-animated feature-length Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. The film is targeted for U.S. release in spring 2007.  Kevin Munroe has done extensive animation work during the last decade including video games, television series, and original comic books. What happened with John Woo??? We've settled on a video game animator?