Kevin SmithKevin Smith has been making the interview rounds lately.  That and his third annual VulgarThon film festival was held last week in LA. So with that we bring you the newest on Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks.

One of the films at the festival this year was Clerks star Jeff Anderson’s directorial debut entitled Now You Know. Kevin let it slip that the actor who played Biscuit, Trevor Fehrman, will play a major role in Clerks 2. Rumor is he’ll be a third Clerk, sort of an addition to Randal and Dante.

"We're seeing how long we can get away with it before somebody from Mel Gibson's office drops us a cease-and-desist letter,” Smith told the media. He later claims that he’d be shocked if it’s released with that subtitle.

The Plot: “What happens when an angry young man turns 35. You can't be really angry anymore - well, you can still be angry, but you can't be young,” says Smith. “It's not nearly as cool.”

 Smith says the plan is to get the sequel into the Sundance, the festival that launched his career with the original back in January of '94.  It’s the first movie greenlighted and put into production by the new Weinstein Company and shooting starts first week of June with plans are for an early 2006 theatrical release.