2sincity080604.jpgSin City killed the competition this weekend at the Box Office taking in an estimated 28 million on 3,230 screens.  That’s a per screen average of $8,706 which is a high number usually reserved for Indie films in small release. What this means is that the theaters were packed to see what everyone’s been talking about!

 Beauty Shop came in at number 2 with a 13 million dollar take.  Why? Who saw this movie? My guess is the woman audience that didn't want to see the violent film at number one.

 And the date audience that didn’t want to see either of those movies were stuck with the Black wanna-be version of Meet the Parents, Guess Who, which dropped to number three this week with 13 million to bring it's total to 41 million.

 Leading the rest of the pack was the CG animated Robots, which just broached the 100 million dollar mark, and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (down from last week's #2).