031223_christmasstory_hmed_11a.hmedium.jpgA Christmas Story is a modern holiday classic.  I know I catch at least ten hours of it each Christmas on that Turner Network (you know the one). Well, the home where the movie was filmed was put up for auction on eBay with the starting bid at $99,999.

On Tuesday, March 29, Brian Jones, a 29 year old from San Diego, CA, ended up winning the auction for $150,000. And I thought I loved the movie? I debated over paying ten bucks for the action figures at Suncoast.

He plans to restore the home's exterior and interior to the design it had in the movie. He also wants to create a museum in the home and open a gift store selling items linked to the movie, everything from Ovaltine to Leg Lamps (which Jones has been selling on the web for two years now).
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