LucasAt ShoWest, George Lucas announced the release of all six Star Wars films in digital 3-D, one film a year, starting in 2007. Lucasfilm says a 3-D Star Wars will have to wait. Star Wars producer Rick McCallum told the media that there were no “real plans" and that George hadn’t seen the six minute 3-D test of  Episode IV until a week before ShoWest.

Lucas wants it to happen but it can’t be implemented until more theaters get a push towards digital. There is a rumored deal between Sony, Disney and Warners to finance digital cinema systems for theaters in the works.

Michael Kaye of In-Three Inc., says the company's process can be used on any film, new or old. "Just shoot normally, we'll do (the 3-D)." And I’m sure It’d look just as good as the IMAX 3d films we’ve all seen.  Call me skeptical.

The cost for converting a feature film starts around $5 million, and takes about a year. They hope to cut that time to 60-120 days by the middle of 2006.