sincity.jpgOverheard on 14th Street this weekend:

Girl: I saw Sin City today.
Boy: Yeah? How was it?
Girl: (pejoratively) It was the most violent movie I have EVER SEEN.
Boy: Awesome. I've got to check it out.

There's nothing like 90-minutes worth of pixelated blood spray to polarize an audience. That's why we're asking you, our faithful Cinematical readers, to review Sin City for us. We know you guys are just full of intelligent, incendiary opinion, and you're ready to burst. That, and because Cinematical Headquarters is just littered with cash, and it's time for some spring cleaning. So, submit your review, and if we the Cinematical overlords deem your entry the best, we'll not only publish it on the site, but we'll send you $100!

Here are some general guidelines:

1.  You must have seen the film (this is why Karina, for instance, is not qualified to enter this contest); you must use your real name to submit the review; you must submit your review via the comments below.

2.  All reviews must be 100% original - we know how to use Rotten Tomatoes, too, so if you copy and paste from the Tallahassee Post Intelligencer, we'll find out.

3.  Reviews should be at least 250 words long, but no more than 800. So, "Dude, this movie sucks," wouldn't count as a valid review - but for that matter, nor would your carefully-footnoted graduate thesis (man, Karina just can't get a break with this contest).

4. All reviews must be posted in the comments by 6pm EST, this Wednesday, April 6th. We'll announce a winner by the end of the week!
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