Melissa GeorgeMelissa George, star of the upcoming remake of The Amityville Horror, told SCI FI Wire that weird things happened during the movie's filming, including the unexpected death of her real-life counterpart. Producers said that lights on the film's Wisconsin set would turn on and off for no reason.

"We were filming, and we were at the boathouse, and the police came by, because they said they found a dead body that had just floated to the surface," George recalled. "We were, like, 'Awesome!' We were, like, 'That's making everything much more comfortable in this movie,'"

Things like this seem to be a staple at any horror movie set.  Most recently the production offices of The Ring 2, which uses a creepy water effect, were flooded.  They had to get an exorcist for the cast/crew to continue.

The Amityville Horror, based on the book and 1970's film of the same name, opens on April 15.
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