...faster than a speeding bullet, back again to save the comic book geek's day - it's The Geek Report! Today's a day of a lot of different possibilities... which means rumors and gossip!Transformers Movie
  • According to Aint it Cool News, director/producer Michael Bay (Armageddon, The Rock) is looking to his toy chest for his next.  Apparently pleased with the job he's done on The Island, Dreamworks want to reward Bay with the Transformers movie franchise.  Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) is also in the running for the gig, but they're predicting Bay gets it.
  • Ryan Reynolds hopes to play The Flash on the big screen.  Blade: Trinity director David Goyer is writing the script now which he hopes will be greenlit by Warner Brothers. "If it all goes well, I'll be playing it. I have a penchant for wearing red unitards to various parties around town so I'm in," said Reynolds during press for his upcoming Amityville Horror remake, which opens on April 22.

  • Ryan Reynolds told Zap2it that he doubts that his Blade spin-off, Nightstalker, will happen. "I gave them a few ideas of how to take our characters off into a different direction away from the vampire thing," said Reynolds. "But they really want Blade back."

  • Warner Bros. will offer a podcast series for Superman Returns, directly from the set in Australia, starting next month. Podcasting is sort of like TiVo for Internet audio programs. Users enter their choices into special software called podcatchers, which collect and make the programs available for playback at a later time, either on the computer or more typically an iPod or other portable device.

  • The April 8th issue of Entertainment weekly reports that Hugh Laurie (previously cast as Perry White in Superman Returns) probably won’t be able to play the role as his TV show, HOUSEmd (produced by Bryan Singer) has decided to begin the new season in August.

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