piccorpsebride1.jpgThe teaser trailer for Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride (out September 23) goes some way towards answering a very urgent question: how do you market animation to adults? Whilst this tailer doesn't offer much actual plot, it makes it very clear that the animated version of Johnny Depp is scared to death, and the spectre haunting him is marriage. His abstract fear of his own fiancee becomes literalized when a different young lady returns from the dead, thinking she's Johnny's lawfully wedded wife. It's a genius idea, to plumb a man's fear of domestic entaglement for horrific potential, but it's also a very adult idea. We can talk in circles forever about how Pixar films like Finding Nemo are finding grown-up audiences; what's infinitely more interesting to me is the ever-growing crop of animated films that necessarily exclude younger viewers. The intertitles of the Corpse Bride trailer make it clear that this is not a cuddly story about goofy characters that kids will fall in love with; this film is about a "grave misunderstanding". Lunch-box-ready visuals aside, I think kids and parents will get the hint - after all, what could be less fun-for-the-whole family than a claustrophobic fear of intimacy?
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