• Weekend box office: Sin City wins, but still grosses "on the low end" of predictions; Beauty Shop's demo is two-thirds female and two-thirds black.
  • "Cooly absorbing without being pulse-quickening": Todd McCarthy reviews The Interpreter.
  • Playwright Donald Margulies is planning to direct his first feature, Achates McNeil, an adaptation of a short-story by T. Coraghessan Boyle.
  • Lions Gate Entertainment might mount a hostile takeover of HIT, the British company behind Barney the Dinosaur and other children's favorites.
  • Gibson Guitars is partnering with Universal Studios; name changes and "filmed entertainment" are in the works.
  • Peter Bart ponders Hollywood's recent comedy boom, Jim Wiatt's role as Disney/Miramax middleman, the William Morris Agency's 100th anniversary, and the industry gossip/official announcement disconnect.
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