Die Hard It turns out that Bruce Willis took such a liking to Justin Timberlake on the set of Alpha Dog that he wants to adopt him… as John McClane Jr!  An Insider reports that Willis is trying to convince him into playing his on screen son in Die Hard 4.0.

The son role was originally featured breifly in the original Die Hard, but not seen since. In 4.0 he’ll be in his twenties and with his sister Lucy, will involved in John McClane’s latest adventure. The trades reported that Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson auditioned for the Lucy roll last year.

Ben Affleck was rumored to be Willis’ top candidate by trades last week, but word is that the studio is looking for someone more popular. But the media also made it out like Affleck and Willis have been good buddies since working together in Armageddon.  But on the Jersey Girl commentary Director Kevin Smith mentioned the Fresh Prince cameo was originally written for Willis (also from Jersey), who Affleck could never get a call back from to appear in the film.

But for now, Timberlake is under consideration, but not a lock.
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