• Time Warner wants to use broads to expand its board; the mega-conglom plans to invite two female independent directors to join the fold. Awesome. Welcome to the early 80's, guys!
  • Producer Graham King signs two-year deal with WB, dragging Leonardo DiCaprio behind him.
  • Future Queer Studies scholars, take note: James Dean's will star in an indie film called Flyboys, a WWI fighter-pilot drama to be directed by Tony Bill, as an American who volunteers to risk death to hang out with a bunch of French guys; Amanda Bynes will play the cross-dressing-sister role in She's Your Man, a high-school update of Twelth Night.
  • Seven Up-ster and current DGA pres Michael Apted will direct Amazing Grace, a thriller about an British anti-slavery crusader, for producer Terrence Malick.
  • Warner Brothers chief communications officer Barbara Brogliatti will drink away her 401k.
  • Army Archerd hangs out with Jane Fonda, misspells SISSY Spacek.
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