...Back again to save the comic book geek's day! It's The Geek Report!

  • Frank Langella has taken over the role of PerryFrank Langella White on Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. As we reported earlier this week, Hugh Laurie had to give up the roll due to a sudden schedule change on his Fox show House. Langella was Skeletor in Masters of the Universe, White House Chief of Staff Bob Alexander in Dave, and Count Dracula in 1979 version of Dracula.
  • Future Spider-Man supervillian Thomas Haden Churchfinally speaks. Church has been in Los Angeles lately for wardrobe fittings and "being in the mud all day." They did plaster casts of his body for prosthetics and cut his hair for animators. He's currently training at a gym in Kerrville, and he may make two more movies before Spider-Man 3 starts.
  • Composer Danny Elfman has 2007 packed with projects, the year of Spider-Man 3's anticipated release. Sam Raimi had creative differences with Elfman during the post production of Spider-Man 2, Raimi had to bring in other composers, which included Christopher Young, to complete the unfinished score. Young appears to be the top canidate for the job.
  • Ryan Reynolds talked to LatinoReview about being Submariner: "Submariner is something that I don't know about, Avi Arad who owns Marvel brought it up to me and that is something I would be keen on checking out, that's for sure. I mean, from what I've learned from Avi it's quite an undertaking, it's gonna be a really big movie."
  • According to Variety, production has begun on The Secret Life of Superfans, a feature documentary focusing on people whose love for pop-culture heroes becomes an obsession. Directed by Deverill Weekes, the picture will include interviews with Rob Zombie,Singer, Gary Oldman and Malcolm McDowell.