Kevin SmithOkay, maybe we should just start a daily Kevin Smith report - this being the third bit of news in the last few days. Smith held a SEVEN HOUR Question and Answer session in Red Bank, New Jersey, to a packed crowd at the Count Basie theater on Saturday night. He let out a few tidbits on upcoming projects.

His upcoming shooting schedule looks as follows: Clerks 2 in early June, and Fletch Won in April 2006. Zach Braff (Garden State, Scrubs) was again named as a definite front-runner for Fletch. As for Clerks 2, they'll be shooting interiors for the Quick Stop on a set in Los Angeles, though some of the film will still shoot at the actual Quick Stop location (exteriors?) in New Jersey.

The Clerks cartoon movie is still set for direct to DVD release. The plot will revolve around Randal and Dante making a 16mm black and white film about working at Quick Stop and RST Video.  

Ranger Danger is still in development stages. Kevin has a dream cast for the project, but wasn't giving any names, except long time friend Jason Mewes, who he wrote a part for.
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