sun.damon.moore.affleck.jpgAccording to Reuters, Chris Moore - best known as the producer on Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Project Greenlight - will make his directorial debut, updating the 1975 horror film Race With The Devil. Moore is an experienced producer, having worked not just on the PG films, but also on American Pie and Damon and Affleck's Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting. Why jump into the directing game now? "I feel like I have enough experience now that I might be able to do a good job," Moore said. I went through the drill with a pad and paper and asked, 'Would I hire myself?' And you know, I decided that on genre pictures and things of small budgets, I would hire myself." The original Ride concerned a group of vacationers who find themselves haunted by a cult after accidentally witnessing a sacrficial ritual.
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