poster1_full.jpgDon't forget, cinemabots: we're still looking for your reviews of Sin City, and this pile of cash we're sitting on is getting awfully uncomfortable. Check out the original post for more details - the contest ends tomorrow at 6pm EST!

Here are the fantastic entries we've already received:

1.  J. Younker: "There's a very small window were a film can depict decapitation, cannibalism and torture, and still hold me as a viewer..."

2.  Kevin Whipps: "It's not a "sit down and veg out" flick."

3.  Chuck Bowen: "Rodriguez effectively captures the erotic rot of Miller’s surreal underworld."

4.  Emily Merkle: "It's about murder for its own sake, and if there's a story behind it that involves real human feelings other than nihilism, the filmmakers didn't bother to share it with us."

5.  Owen Moore: "When I left the theater and lit up a smoke with my Zippo, Marv (Mickey O’Rourke) was still in my head. I had to go to the bar to wash down what I’d just seen."

6.  Solonor: "The hooker story is downright hilarious."

7.  Jeremiah Lewis: "Sin City is a dark, dark film that makes words like "gritty" and "hardboiled" seem like names for French perfumes."

8.  Dan Jacome, "Visually stunning it is, this postmodern rendition of the chivalric ethos."