steve-zahn.jpgOur friends over at Hacking Netflix have posted this interview with Steve Zahn, in video 'podcast' (vidcast? video-blog-cast?) form. Star of this weekend's up-coming Sahara, Zahn (the gay guy in Reality Bites; the stoned guy in Out of Sight, the drunk guy in subUrbia) has been turning in reliably "off" character work in indies and blockbusters for at least ten years. Here are some of his best lines from this interview, taken totally out of context:

"I think my character Al kinda contradicts ... like ... the environment? ... Al is just like buying a Philly cheesesteak."

"The minute you worked on something in your casbah tent at night ... it was out the window because, oh, right - we're in a convertible going 40 miles an hour."

"I kick ass ... for, like ... three months before the movie."

" would kind of represent our history as characters who knew each other from kindergarten, and that that would speak for itself,  instead of us going, "Hey, you remember kindergarten?"

"It's all ... computer ... trickery. And it kinda takes me out."

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