Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell (Evil Dead) held a talk at Northeastern University in Boston on Saturday night. The most relevant stuff came out of the Question & Answer session at the end of his talk. Uncle Max reports on AICN that they asked up front to refrain from anything about Evil Dead IV. Here are some news tibits:

In June, he'll be starting a 40-city book tour for his relationship book Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. I'm hearing it's comedic fiction.

In his speech, Campbell lashed out at Hollywood's lack of originality over the past few years, mocking the abundance of sequels, remakes, and sequels to remakes. "The way things are going, the next thing you'll see is a remake of The Evil Dead! ... uhh..."

Then later he announced that Bubba Nosferatu, the sequel to the indie cult classic (already?) Bubba Ho-Tep is currently being looked at by two production houses interested in footing the bill. So they're waiting on money, but the King will return.

Bruce also denounced the rumored Freddy vs. Jason v. Ash movie, saying that it was "the worst idea ever made."
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