In another example of why unions are good for America, The American Cinema Editors (A.C.E.) and The Visual Effects Society (V.E.S.) have written letters to Oscar telecast producer Gil Cates, in formal objection of the "time-saving" issues employed at this year's Academy Awards. In some "smaller" categories this year, awards were either presented within the audience, or to the assembled nominees or stage; whilst it made for the shortest Oscar show in recent memory, many felt the change in ceremony was disrespectful to the artisans and other "non-stars" who win and are nominated for lower-profile awards.

The A.C.E. board's letter stated: "We believe the show's setup sent an inappropriate and potentially damaging message to viewers that some artists contribute more to the filmmaking process than others." VES director Eric Roth had a similar sentiment, stating that this year's changes "ended up ... sending the not-so-subtle message that some areas of filmmaking are more important than others. Anyone who works in our industry knows that this is absolutely untrue." An Academy spokesperson claimed that Cates and AMPAS "welcome the feedback."
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