George Lucas Drawing...Back to save the comic book STAR WARS geek's day in a single bound - it's The Geek Report!
  • Star Wars writer/director George Lucas will make a surprise guest appearance at Celebration III, a four-day event from April 21 - 24 in the Indiana Convention Center.  This will mark the first time that Lucas has attended a fan convention since the gathering that marked the 10-year anniversary of A New Hope in 1987. He is expected to host a Question and Answer session. All that comes to mind is that episode of Clerks the animated series, where Lucas is called into court as a witness and Randal asks him for his money back for Episode I.  Wish I could be there. Advance ticket sales are already more than double those of advanced sales for Celebration II.
  • Sir Ian McKellen plans to return as Magneto in director Matthew Vaughn's (Layer Cake) X-Men 3, despite anxieties that he will not be asked to play the role in the planned Magneto spin-off movie. "I have heard of a story being developed," he told the media. "A Magneto spin-off would probably be about his early life and therefore might not need my participation. We'll see."
  • Bryan Singer took a reporter on an exclusive Superman Returns set visit at the Kent Farm on Aussie morning show Sunrise. He also answered a couple questions about the space craft in the backyard (It's not what we thought it was...). Some spoilers are contained in the video, so watch if you dare.
  • Odd Lot Entertainment and Batfilm Productions have begun work on a film version of the late Will Eisner's comic book character The Spirit, to be scripted by comic book writer Jeph Loeb (Producer of Smallville, writer of Superman and Batman comics). The Spirit is a masked detective, believed dead, who fights the criminals of Central City from his cemetary base.
  • MTV took a visit to the set of Underworld: Evolution and has a great article up on their site.
  • NarniaWeb has posted pictures of concept art from the upcoming The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe teaser trailer.
  • A petition has been started to get Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith seen by troops overseas as close to the worldwide release date as possible.
  •  You can get the latest information on all the Star Wars Comic Books coming out at But if you look forward to Star Wars comic book releases, you probably already knew that.
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume II (Chapters 21 - 25) will premiere on Canadian TV for TELETOON viewers on Wednesday, May 4, 10 pm on The Detour on TELETOON.