Kevin SignWriter/Director Kevin Smith held another Question and Answer session at the Raue Theatre in Illinois. So AGAIN, yes again, we bring you... The Kevin Smith Report:

Smith hasn't officially announced it just yet, but due to timing issues with the DVD release and Clerks 2's filming, the Mallrats 10th Anniversary Screening, reunion, and Q&A session is scheduled to take place at the end of April at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles. It will be taped for the 10th anniversary DVD.

Clerks 2 will feature two new female characters, presumably the significant others of Dante and Randal. Harvey Weinstein originally suggested both Amanda Peet and Radha Mitchell for the roles, but Kevin shot it down saying that “Brian and Jeffneed to be the most famous thing in the movie.” Kevin also said he’s thinking about running a four-to-six minute cartoon short in front of the movie, with different theaters showing different shorts.

Kevin will play a web designer from Venice in Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. Kevin described it as “Sprawling… like Pulp Fiction or Shortcuts, but a musical". Don't worry he won't be singing. No shoot date has been confirmed.

Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party, a documentary filmed during the making of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, will be release on DVD Will in a year or more, most likely in its one-hour and 47-minute Vulgarthon cut.

Smith will also be hosting the IFC show Dinner for Five, and said he'll have Jason Lee as a guest.