Okay from the start, let's make one thing clear: we're movie bloggers, not lawyers. We're in the process of collecting legal documents on Sophia Stewart's case, and plan to speak with her lawyers shortly. In the meantime, here is some of what we've dredged up on the legal end. All of these forms are dated September 27, 2004:

  • A motion from the defense, to dismiss the charges based on Statute of Limitations, was denied.
  • Stewart violated some kind of RICO regulation in one of her charges; the charge was summararily dismissed, and she was invited to resubmit that complaint. And no, we don't understand what that means, either.
  • The defendants apparently moved to strike a specific paragraph from Stewart's complaint that referred to statements made during an earlier settlement discussion. That motion was denied, "without prejudice to their right to seek exclusion of any evidence probative of the allegations as appropriate in any subsequent proceeding."
Any one with legal expertise want to weigh in on these?
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