allen.jpgHere's a treat for Woody Allen fans: the New York Times is hosting a special section, sponsored by Fox Searchlight, devoted to cinema's preeminent Upper East Side neurotic, with trailers, images and reviews of 12 of his best films. It's great to watch the trailer for something like Manhattan - a film in which virtually nothing happens, in which the simple juxtaposition of the New York skyline and "An American in Paris" combine to create a moment of emotionally overwhelming spectacle - and watch that very reticence to be anything saleable sell itself.

Also included: a slide-show of on-set stills, Vincent Canby's review of Hannah and Her Sisters ("virtually non-stop exhillaration") and Janet Maslin's review of the semi-musical Everyone Says I Love You ("rather than an aberration, it even plays as an extension of some of his recent work"), and biographies of the Melinda and Melinda cast (there's something for sale here, after all).
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