Land WalkerOur brother (or is it sister?) site Engadget posted an interesting article on a man transporting device made by a Japanese company called Sakakibara Kikai. You may be asking yourself - Why should I care and why is this being posted on cinematical? Well, if you've ever seen Robocop, The Martrix, Aliens, or any Mech related cartoon or movie then you'll probably be interested.

The Land Walker, is a man transporting mech controlled by software developed by P.A. Technology. Not much information is available as the company's website is in Japanese, but they usually develop farm-related products for harvesting. The site also features a video on the mech in action. It's awesome to watch, but you quickly notice that the feet slide and do not come off the ground, which we're sure they'll fix in future versions.

Fake gun grace the sides of the head where the human sits and controls the transporter. Maybe they are trying to market this for some military purpose?

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