RejectsRob Zombie's new horror movie The Devils' Rejects, a spin-off to his directorial debut House of 1000 Corpses, hits theaters July 22nd.

Rejects follows a band of bounty hunters led by Sheriff Wydell's brother who is fueled by revenge when he finds out that his kin was murdered by the Firefly family. The film picks up shortly after the first, with the Firefly clan going on the road after their house is burned down.

Rob Zombie writes in his blog that the soundtrack is almost complete, and will hit stores in June. All the songs on the CD will be featured in the movie. "The booklet is 28 pages of cool photos and sh-t, but the best part is that the CD comes with a bonus DVD documentary about the making of the film," writes Zombie.

BloodyDisgusting has an exclusive clip from the movie provided by Lions Gate Films. The site also features an advance reader review of the flick.