Batman Begins Poster...Back again to save the comic book geek's day, it's THE GEEK REPORT!
  • SuperHeroHype scored a look at the fourth (yes, there's three others, so far) one-sheet for the new Batman Begins.
  • X-Men 3 casting is going well. Famke Janssen will return as Phoenix, a cosmic entity that's taking the form of now-dead Jean Grey. Like no one saw that coming… it was very well hinted at in X2. Variety also reports that Halle Berry is looking at a third go round, despite complaints of not getting enough screen time. As expected, Hugh Jackman has made a deal to return as Wolverine. No mention has yet been made of James Marsden (Cyclops), who has been the subject of conflicting stories. He is in Australia working on Superman Returns with Bryan Singer (X-Men 1 & 2). Filming starts this summer, with a May 26, 2006 release date.

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