Fan Film: SevenWelcome everyone to the first  Geek Report Fan Film Special. We will be doing special reports periodically on the various fan created comic book or movie parodies, sequels, prequels, and spin-offs.

Everyone loves stupid stuff you can only find on the web, and today that's what we bring you.  The guys at CGGallery wondered what would happen if David Fincher's Seven was cast with stuffed animals. Thank god they decided to explore the idea because now we can finally find out.

They've reenacted one of Seven's more memorable scenes with Brad Pitt replaced by a Gorilla, Morgan Freeman played by a dog, and with a Boohbah taking Kevin Spacey's role.  It was created by 3D artist Akin Bilgic, and done using stop motion, the original actors voices, and stuffed animals. I can't honestly recommend it but I also at the same time can't tell you not to check it out. You won't be telling all your friends about it but it may brighten your work week.
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