An email just flew into Cinematical headquarters from Sophia Stewart, the woman suing the producers of The Terminator and The Matrix for infringement of her "epic", The Third Eye. These are her own words - draw your own conclusions.

We asked:

"Where can we get a copy of the script for the Third Eye?

Sophia answered:

I am getting ready to publish the Epic called "The Third Eye" . . .  and it will entail a body of work ...  The "The Third Eye" Epic was never a script . . . but a body of work . . . that included FX (special effects ) . . . a lot of material  . . . including direct lines from the work were stolen . . . no where are you ever going to hear them speak or writre that Sophia Stewart did not write the Terminator or Matrix movies . . . that I proimise the world . . . the bodyof work is physical evidence . . . and when it is released upon the world . . . everyone will know the truth! 

Uh, okay. So then we asked,

"What would you say are the key features that were lifted from your script in The Matrix and The Terminator?"

And Sophia answered:

My story, special FX, characters, introduction,graphics etc . . . " I'll be back " is directly from my book . . . my Epic spans past, present, and future!
let everyone know that the book will be available on a worldwide release ... everyone will be able to buy this book soon!

She also forwarded us a document which orders that she and Andy Wachowski (and, presumably, other Matrix defendents) must be ready to conduct a "settlement conference" by May 31. She (probably unwisely) left attached to that document an email correspondence between two of her lawyers, in which they discuss that they probably will not be ready by May 31 and will need to file an extension.

The information we've gathered (and there's a lot of it) suggests that no one has been covering this story because they think that Stewart is insane. And we'll admit - she's a little wacky. But the story itself just keeps getting better and better and better...
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