Sophia-Stewart.jpgHere's a breakdown of everything we know about the Sophia Stewart/Matrix/Possible Big Media Cover-up at this time:

  • Sophia Stewart (who sometimes goes by the pseudonym Zenia Kavala) wrote a six-page sci-fi treatment in May of 1981 which she titled The Third Eye. Two years later, she completed a 45-page manuscript by the same title. She copyrighted the treatment in February of 1983, and the manuscript in February of 1984.
  • Legal documents assert that Stewart delivered her six-page treatment into the hands of Susan Merzback, then VP of Creative Affairs at Twentieth Century Fox, in May 1981. Beginning in November 1983, Stewart and her agent at the time, Ester Duffie, spent a year and a half trying to get the manuscript into the hands of various staffers at that studio. They were told that the studio could not accept the submission of her manuscript unless it was forwarded by an agent in cahoots with the WGA.
  • In 1986, Stewart saw an ad in a magazine soliciting submissions of science-fiction material. She subsequently sent both her manuscript and her treatment to Larry and Andy Wachowski. She never heard back from them, and they did not return her writings.

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