Back to the Future was my favorite movie as a kid. So when I had the chance to see Crispin Glover’s directorial debut at Sundance this year, I went for it. Crispin of course played George McFly, and had a couple other successes in Willard and the Charlies Angeles series. He is supposedly known around Hollywood as someone who has his own methods which are notoriously hard to work around.

His first feature, What Is It?, at best could be called experimental. Shot in 16mm with a cast mostly of down syndrome kids, the movie is definitely the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

At one point, a guy claims to be Michael Jackson and is worshiped by the handicapped kids, only later to be discovered as a fake. The kids throw rocks at the man shouting, “You’re not famous, you’re not famous!” Throughout the film, the kids pour salt on snails and we see in micro close-up their untimely death. Glover plays some sort of king who holds a staff and worships the swastika.
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