It's been a frantic 48 hours for James Bond fans. As we told you yesterday, British tabloid The Sun reported that actor Daniel Craig had already been or was soon to be cast as James Bond in the next three films in the franchise. That story was subsequently dismissed by Craig's rep, though no one involved would issue any addditional comment. We're now getting reports that Pierce Brosnan might be back for another go-round. A source told Dark Horizons that rumors, implying that Brosnan had either quit or had demanded a huge raise in order to come back, were in fact "a ploy from both camps" to distract the media whilst negotiations with the actor will still going on.

Variety claims that whilst Brosnan's contract ended after the last Bond film, until they're sure they have a bankable replacement, Sony (which is about to acquire Bond studio MGM) doesn't want to let him get away. The trade goes on to suggest that if "bankable" is really what the studio is looking for, they might consider a more "diverse" choice - or at least, move beyond an actor "whose idea of roughing it is settling for 200-thread-count sheets."

Speaking of "diversity", P. Diddy told Conan O'Brian last month that he was producing his own version of James Bond, about a black secret agent named Robert Ground, which he intimated he would play himself. "It's a new time," the once-and-future Sean Combs said. "We're taking the Bond imprint of what he stood for, but we gon' remix it."

We should make it clear that we love James Bond ... theoretically. We love the *idea* of James Bond, the conceptual blend of espionage and sex, political entanglements and pleasantly retro gender policies. But, that said, this new Bond, and these new Bond movies - they'd have to be pretty freakin' great for us to get it up enough to care.  When there's something interesting about a P. Diddy "remix", you know you've got trouble.
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