• Mommy, Mommy, make Michael Eisner play fair! Michael Ovitz files post-trial brief in his severance case, alleging that his former friend wooed him away from CAA, and then stabbed him in the back. Eisner agrees to be nice with his fingers crossed behind his back, and then picks Ovitz up by the neck and pummells him behind the handball courts.
  • In more Eisner News, Michael stands by his son at the debut of his first directorial effort, Sahara. Let's reiterate: Michael Eisner's son was given a huge action film to direct as his first feature. But more importantly, Michael Eisner has a son named "Breck"...
  • Bob Odenkirk will direct Arrested Development's Wil Arnet and Punk'd's Dax Shepard in  You Are Going to Prison; producer Mike Abraham uses to opportunity to call his demographic "demented."
  • You don't think anyone *really* reads the articles, do you? Maxim and Dimension strike special deal for a Sin City-themed cover, stressing that the issue will bathe Brittany Murphy in text about the film.
  • The Duff Sisters wil star as "celebutante cosmetic heiresses" in Material Girl, based on the Madonna song and produced by Mrs. Ritchie's Maverick Films. In other news, Variety has to pay James St. James 50 cents every time they use the word "celebutante".
  • Is Army Archerd calling the late Prince Rainier a snob for not visiting the set of a Reoberto Benigni film? Or is he just admiring the Prince's good taste?