jackcut.jpgChinese action star Jackie Chan is slowly but surely building up a merchandising empire, stamping his name and/or likeness on clothes, restaurants, and even "nutritional oatcakes". At a party for the third anniversary of his clothing line, he told reporters that this is his second foray into branding - he had to hire professional help after having lost "several million, and then millions again" on his first go-round, in the 80s. He hired a business executive, Bon Bg, to turn things around; Bg claims that the pair are working towards "total lifestyle branding" of the Chan image. Chan says he feels "guilty" about earning so much money, but, then again, he does risk his life for much of his work: "the money I make from jumping from the second floor, this hard-earned, blood-and-sweat money ... I'll save for myself,"
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